Our courses 2019


The PDC is taught in english and held by CirclePermaculture.

The permaculture practicals are in swedish and english and we charge a share of your choice

between Skr 350,-- to Skr 500,--.

Welcome to join - learn and work together!


People care - earth care - fair share


21/07/2018 -  04/08/2018



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International Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC) with George Kristofis and Luke Manders - more information: www.circlepermaculture.com


Permaculture practicals: part 1  - Sheet mulching


Permaculture practicals: part 2 - Hugelbeet


Permaculture practicals: part 3 - Hot compost



More permaculture practicals: how to build your vermicomposte, cold frames, chicken tractor, beds on contour, mandala garden, herb spiral ..........


Upcoming courses:  clay oven construction, food preservation and storing, felting, sewing Waldorf dolls, upcykling of clothes, baking bread with sourdough and making vegan bread spread from local organic products ..........



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